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Fall Mini Sessions {2020}

Mini sessions are coming!!

(Did anyone read that Game of Throne's style "Winter is Coming"??)

Every year, as I prepare for mini sessions, I find myself looking back at the previous years photos. Since I hold minis throughout October the weather for each session is different which means the lighting and the foliage are always different. I'm sure I am the only one who finds this interesting but the process of looking at last years as I prepare for this years gets me excited. I'm excited to see all of the families I photograph year after year (minis often being the only time I see them) and I'm excited to meet the new families who are joining the crew. Mini session days are a bit of a marathon but they are a great time.

The #1 question I get about minis is "Is 15 minutes long enough?" and to that I answer with full confidence, YES! Because the #1 response I get after I send clients their mini session gallery is "I cannot believe how many great photos you got in 15 minutes!" After doing mini sessions for 10 years I've learned that 15 minutes is the magic number people!


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