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Maxime {Maternity Session}

Well, it's been almost 2 years since I last blogged a session but let's move past that because this maternity session was SO good that I couldn't not blog it! Maxime found me on thanks to this article about one of my maternity sessions and I am SO glad she did! We emailed back and forth about some fun ideas Maxime had for our session and I got excited..I got even more excited once I saw all of the outfits she brought the day of our shoot!

Maxime & Daniel had just closed on a new house and we decided their empty new home was the perfect spot for our August session...however, tropical storm Isaias swept through New Jersey right before our shoot! This meant the house didn't have power or air conditioning and, as Maxime learned during her outfit changes, also didn't have any full length mirrors. We worked through it all, had a really great time and this session will go in my personal Hall of Fame as one of my favorite maternity sessions of all time!

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