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Herbe Family

Well, I wrote this post...and then forgot it existed. I was so proud this morning because I finally got my act together and was about to blog my most recent newborn session with this family only to find out I had never shared their family session from 2017! 🤦🏻‍♀️ So, almost a year later...enjoy (and stay tuned for another post featuring this family and their gorgeous newest addition!)

This family and I started working together back in 2013 with a maternity session followed by a newborn session. We've had multiple sessions since and coming back, playing with the kids that I knew as newborns and seeing how the entire family has evolved over the years is so much fun for me. We had gorgeous weather the day of our session so after family photos in the front yard we hung out in their backyard a bit---the kids ran around, played and gave me a tour of their awesome garden. I love photographing this gorgeous crew because it's not just fun but educational! That seems weird..should I explain that a bit? I have a black thumb BIG TIME but these guys grow everything you can think of! The kids know a TON so they teach me all about what they grow, what plants are edible etc.. I always look forward to my sessions with them and can't wait until next time :)

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