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Juliette {Smash Cake}

This is a FUN family. We had fun at their newborn session posing Juliette on Bruce Springsteen t-shirts and the family brought it again for her smash cake session! We started with family photos outside and then moved inside for the main event. Not all kids dive into their smash cakes...most have to be coaxed but not this girl! Truly a girl after my own heart, Juliette dove face first into her cake and her parents soon followed! I love this family and their fun-loving spirit--we were cracking up the entire session and I couldn't stop smiling all throughout editing. I'm thinking we need to start "I Survived the 1st Year" smash cake sessions because if making it through the first year of parenthood doesn't justify cake what does?!

*Beautiful (and delicious) cake by Sugarsuckle

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