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For the Mama's out there

As I compiled some of my favorite photos it gave me time to reflect on what an amazing journey mothers get to go on. You guys...we grow humans! I don't know how many times I have said that but it still blows my mind. Growing life inside our bodies is an insane super power and it just gets more incredible after that. We birth a human and then we learn how to feed and care for this new being in the exact way it needs all while navigating this new life role of "mother" (which, in itself, is no easy task.)

Sometimes I look at my daughter and think "I grew that face....I've kept this person alive for 8 years!" and other times I think "who let me leave the hospital with a baby?!" Motherhood is the most amazing, surreal, intense, painful, beautiful and indescribable journey I've ever been on. I know that no matter what I do in my life nothing will compare to the feeling of baby kicks in my belly, my newborn sleeping on my chest, the way my toddler ran into my arms or how my 8 year old hugs me. I will never be more connected to another human being than I am to my daughter because, in every sense, she is a part of me. Not only physically but she is part of my soul...she is my heart walking around outside my body.

Pregnancy is hard, labor and delivery is hard, having a newborn is hard, having a toddler is hard and having a "big kid" is hard. Motherhood is HARD. We have to make so.many.decisions and just when you think you have figured out and conquered the most recent challenge the page turns and there is a whole new chapter to navigate. Mom-ing never stops...even when the house is quiet and the kids are asleep we are still going. We are warriors. We are stronger than we will ever believe and we give more than we will ever realize.

Motherhood often leaves us being so hard on ourselves and sometimes it can feel so lonely but please remember, you are never alone. For the most part, we are all just trying to keep our heads above water while minimizing how much we screw up our kids ;) We all come into Motherhood in our own unique way and because of your journey, hard work and so much more, you are incredible! Have the most amazing Mothers deserve it!

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