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Lennon {Newborn Session}

Do you recognize this gorgeous family? If so, it's probably because this is their 3rd appearance on the blog. My first session with Jess & Jon feels like forever ago but it was less than 2 years ago and that toddler below was still in Jess' belly! Our second session was Olive's Newborn Session and now, our third, Lennon's Newborn Session. I *love* this family (and I feel very lucky because I clearly say that about many of my clients but it is so true.) I have been following Olive's life via her mom's Facebook & Instagram so I was ridiculously excited to see her in person again. I am convinced she is the kid-version of my spirit animal (spirit kid?) since we share the same adoration of know, the kind when food arrives at your table you do a small dance? Ya..that kind. I was so excited to see Olive but I was also stoked to hang with her fantastic parents, new baby sister and her big sister/dog, Sierra. Sierra had a big part in all of our previous sessions and it just wouldn't have been the same if she didn't get in on the action this time around too--she truly is the most patient dog ever. My favorite part of this session was all of the family time on Jess & Jon's bed...the giggles, the cuddles and Olive so generously feeding Sierra (and trying to feed Lennon) her lets dive in and start there!

..and just like we ended Olive's Newborn Session we ended Lennon's the same Daddy's helmet :)

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