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Madison {Newborn Session}

If you follow me on Facebook then you already know Madison....also known as the baby that stole my heart. I am a baby lover..always have been..and throughout my baby-obsessed life I have come to notice that some babies have an extra special something about them. I don't know know what it is or how it comes to be but I do know that some babies have this little something that pulls you in...and Madison has it. I fell hard for this girl. She was sweet, snuggly and beautiful. Madison also loved keeping her legs bent so intensely that sometimes she would wiggle them up to her face--it cracked me up every time. Simply put she is amazing.

Hopefully, you recognize the new Mom & Dad from their Maternity Session. That session feels like it was forever ago but as soon as we were all hanging out I remembered how much I love Melissa and Alex! When I leave a newborn session I always hope I will get the opportunity to come photograph that baby watch them grow up and to watch their family grow and change over the years. I always wish this and after this session I crossed all my fingers in hopes that I will get to take photos of Madison's life for her and her family to have forever <3

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