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Jacob {Newborn Session} + An Announcement!

For almost two years I have offered 2 types of newborn sessions: Traditional & Organic. Traditional sessions are what I started doing 6 years ago when I began photographing newborns: posing baby on a large beanbag with fabric backdrops. It is what I thought newborn photography was...because that's what everyone else was doing. As I got deeper into photographing newborns I felt myself wanting another option..yearning for a different way to photograph babies. I loved my time spent with these little miracles but was feeling unauthentic in the traditional session style. I created Organic sessions in the hopes that these would fulfill my desire for something new. Organic sessions have a more laid-back, natural feel and require minimal prep on the parents part, don't take as long as traditional sessions and use few props. When I first started offering this alternative I didn't know if people would get it. I worried that people were so familiar with the style of a traditional session that it would be what everyone was looking for. I was so wonderfully wrong. The response to Organic Sessions was overwhelming. It made me realize I wasn't the only one looking for a different type of newborn session. The majority of my newborn sessions in 2016 were "Organic" and with every session I did I fell deeper and deeper in love with this style. I felt that I was being more authentic..I was being so much truer to who I am and who I wanted to be as a was feeding my soul. After much deliberation I have decided to lead with my heart and follow my passion.

The beautiful baby boy you see below was my last Traditional Newborn Session baby. Jacob and his family were my "last hurrah"...and what an amazing send-off it was. Jacob clearly takes after his parents with his sweetness. Four days before our session I injured the tendon in my foot so to say I was useless when it came to carrying all of my gear (and just moving around in general) is an understatement but Jacob's dad, Felix, was the worlds best assistant. Both Felix & Melissa were kind, warm and just wonderful so it is no surprise that Jacob was too. I could not have asked for a better baby or a better family to close the chapter on traditional sessions.

Click the links below to see Organic Newborn Sessions:

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