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Barbara & Family {Family Session}

I get to document moments or details that might otherwise be forgotten..this is such an honor for me. I am perpetually aware of how special it is that someone has chosen me to come into their life to photograph their family. The significance of this is never lost on me. I know how many options for photography people have and to be "the chosen one" and to capture these moments, interactions and details is truly so beautiful.

Photographs are deeply important to me. I like to encourage people to print their photos...a photo sitting on a hard-drive or desktop is not doing anyone any good. It is scientifically proven that children benefit in a variety of ways from seeing photos of themselves and their family displayed in the home. When I was a child looking through photo albums was was happiness. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 7 so my memories of her lived in photos and home videos. Even now, I will stumble across a photo of her and I that I have never seen before and the feelings that come with that are indescribable. It is like being given the gift of time travel, even if just for a moment. I love being a photographer because I love that I can be a part of giving other people this gift.

On October 11, 2016 I saw a post on one of my Facebook Mom Groups. It was a local Mom, Kristy, asking if any photographer would be willing to donate their time to photograph her Mom with Kristy's two sons. That day Kristy's mom had been given a terminal diagnosis and her health was rapidly declining. Knowing that her young children would have little memory of their Grandma after she passed, Kristy wanted to document their relationship before mom got too ill. Without a moments hesitation I responded "I'd love to." My friend, Rachel, (along with a lot of other amazing and generous photographers) responded as well. Rachel spoke with Kristy and asked if I would do the photos while she did video. No hesitation. A few weeks later we all met for our session. Barbara was frail and slow moving but undeniably spirited, beautiful and filled with love. The love she shares with her grandchildren was palpable. They adore her as much as she cherishes them. I hope they will be able to see and feel that every time they look at their photos. Equally as palpable was the love Barbara's husband has for her. The way he gently kissed her forehead with his eyes closed..the way he held her hand so gently yet so brought tears to my eyes and still does. To witness a love that can outlast everything is rare and beautiful.

Thank you Kristy for allowing me the deepest honor of photographing your amazing family. I hope you and your boys will enjoy the same time traveling moments that I do, forever.

grandmother with daughter and grandsons
grandmother and grandsons reading I'd know you anywhere book
grandmother and grandsons reading on bench
grandson hugging grandmother
grandmother smiling at grandsons
grandmother and grandson talking
grandmother with grandson
grandmother holding hands with grandson
elderly husband and wife photoshoot
older husband and wife photoshoot
elderly couple husband kissing wife
elderly mom and dad with daughter
elderly mom with daughter
elderly mom kissing daughter
extended family photo at lake
elderly husband and wife with daughter's family
candid extended family photo
grandparents photoshoot
elderly couple
elderly husband and wife looking at daughter with family
grandparents holding hands

Thank you to Rachel of Lion's Den Imaging for creating this breathtaking video

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