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Violet & Juliet {Newborn Session}

These perfect girls are the twins from that gorgeous belly you saw in the maternity session a few posts back. I struggle to find words to describe Violet & Juliet and how amazing it was so watch the palpable bond of twins that young but I find it even harder to find words to describe their Mom. At our session I told her that she is officially my new hero--she is just amazing so it is no surprise that Violet and Juliet are just as amazing. I could've spent all day with these beautiful girls.

twin newborn photoshoot
newborn twin baby feet
twin baby girls
newborn twin girls cuddling
newborn twin smiling
twin newborn photoshoot
nj twin photoshoot
newborn twin photoshoot nj
newborn twins cuddling
newborn twin girls
smiling newborn twins
mom with newborn twins
mom with newborn twin girls
newborn twins with mom
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