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Blake: Birth to Newborn

These sessions (3 in total) were extra special to me. I have known Blake's Mama, Kristin, since we were 6 and while we followed eachothers lives on Facebook we hadn't been in touch for many years so when she contacted me and said she was pregnant and interested in birth photography my heart melted. Not only was I so happy that this friend from years ago was starting a family but the fact that she thought of me to potentially capture this amazing time for her meant so much. I always feel honored when someone considers hiring me but that feeling is on a very *extra* level when it comes to birth photography. Absolutely nothing compares to the day you meet your baby (especially your first baby!) and to have someone allow me into that precious day, to experience and capture it...I will never take that for granted. So Thank You to Kristin and Todd for letting me be a part of your labor, for having me back once Blake had (finally) made her arrival and thank you for asking me to shoot her in all her newborn gorgeousness. (Oh, and are fiercely strong and rocked that labor in an amazing way!)

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